Party Information

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  • $195(+ tax) for up to 12 players
  • Three Pizzas
  • Games Open to Public
  • $295(+ tax) for up to 20 players
  • Five Pizzas
  • Games are Private
  • Combine Party Package with Ice Skating or Courts  (Subject to Availability)
  • Structured around Laser Chase Party
  • Add on Ice Skating for $7 per guest, includes Skate Rental
  • Add on Courts (1 hour) for $80, includes equipment – choice of Basketball, Dodge Ball, or Volleyball
  • Two 15-Minute Games of Laser Tag
  • Forty-five minutes of Party Room time
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • All Paper and Plastic Ware
  • Printable Invitations
  • Free Laser Chase Game Coupon for Every Guest
  • We do all the clean-up!
  • Additional Guests — $10 each
  • Additional Pizzas — $10 each
  • Convert Package-One Games to Private Games — $50.00 fee
  • $100.00 deposit required at time of booking. Refundable until two weeks prior to your party.
  • NO outside food or drink allowed. You may bring your own cake/cupcakes/ice cream (only with party reservation).
  • Total party length is restricted to 90 minutes so that we can prepare your room for the next party.
SAMPLE PARTY TIME [2:00 – 3:30]
  • 1:50 – 2:00 — Arrival
  • 2:10 – 2:30 — Briefing & First Game
  • 2:30 – 2:45 — Second Game
  • 2:45 – 3:30 — Pizza, Drinks, & Cake In Party Room
  • How far in advance should a party be booked? For optimum availability, call at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • What days and times do you host parties? We can typically schedule parties every hour, on the hour, 7 days a week.
  • How long is each game of Laser Tag? Each game is a 15-20 minute experience, including suiting up, briefing, 12 minutes of game time, and scorecard collection.
  • Can we immediately use the free game coupons you hand out? No. The free game coupons that we distribute to all party guests are not valid on the day of the party, but may be used as soon as the next day, and have no expiration date.
  • Can we bring in our own decorations? Yes. You are welcome to bring in balloons, streamers, themed tableware, etc. Please do NOT bring in glitter, confetti, or other things that won’t easily pick up.
  • Is there a fridge or freezer for ice cream/cakes? Yes. We will take any cold items for you and return them when you are ready to eat.
  • Is the party schedule flexible? Yes and no. No – the game times are not flexible; they must be played at the scheduled times in order to accommodate consecutive birthday parties in one day. Yes – You can use the party room time however you would like.
  • Are parents included in the price? Depending on which package you buy, up to 12 or 20 people may play each game, regardless of age (can be a mix of guests, siblings, parents, etc.).
  • Do you have smaller party packages available? No. We recommend a minimum of 8 people for a party package, but for our smallest package, the price is the same whether you have 2 or 12 people.
  • What’s the minimum age for a party? Kids turning six years old are the youngest that can have a party here. Even though our vests are “one size fits all,” they can only be tightened so much, and are too big for most 5-year olds.
  • What does the tableware look like? The paper and plastic ware that we provide is all white. You are welcome to bring your own, however, if Hello Kitty or Spiderman are more your thing!
  • Do you offer adult parties? Absolutely! Parents usually have as much (or more!) fun than the kids, so why not schedule your own birthday party at Laser Chase?  We also can host a corporate event if you want a team bonding experience!
  • Can I bring food? No. The only exception is for the dessert of choice (cake, ice cream, cupcakes, etc.). Since A-Game has a full concession stand and the Overlook, no outside food or drink is permitted in the building.
  • What time should I tell people to arrive? Since the first game must begin 10 minutes after party time, it would be a good idea to tell guests to arrive up to 15 minutes early to ensure that everyone makes it into the first game.
  • When do I pay for the party? Besides the $100 deposit that we take at the time of booking, the balance is due at the end of the party. This is to ensure that any coupons, extra people, extra pizza, etc. are properly taken into account.
  • Will there be anyone watching the kids in the arena? Yes. The Laser Chase marshal who gives the briefing will accompany the players into the arena and will monitor the entire game.
  • Do the vests come in different sizes? No. They buckle in the front like a life vest and are adjustable on either side in order to accommodate players of all sizes.
  • Can we reserve a game time without doing a party package? No. All non-party games are filled up on a first-come, first-served basis, and can only be spoken-for in person, in our lobby.
  • Can we bring cake, cupcakes, or other snacks or drinks if we don’t have a party package? No. All outside food or drink is prohibited, except cake or ice cream that is brought in for a party package and consumed in a party room. The party rooms are not rented outside of party packages.
  • “Very kind staff over the phone prior to the party and the day of the party. We had a ball!”
  • “Cole was so helpful!”
  • “The party host is on top of the schedule, communicates the schedule and even helps in giving out food.”
  • “The personal care that we received and the look on the kids faces while playing laser chase.”
  • “Our host was very helpful and kept everything moving along. She seemed like a real “A” player!”
  • “Everyone had a great time – adults and kids combined! Our host, Nicole, did a great job.”
  • “All of the help from Bobby and the rest of the crew! We loved having our party here and will recommend it to everyone we know!”
  • “I really feel like this was the easiest party ever. Cole took such good care of us- I felt like I didn’t have to do a thing. The boys had such a great time!”
  • “Great help by all staff and very happy, pleasant and attentive!”
  • “Marie was our rep and she was wonderful. She met all of our needs. The kids had a GREAT time from beginning to end.”